Gift #2:  5 Steps to Become Unsinkable
This is my excerpt from the e-book prelude to the book anthology I am an author of, titled “{An} Unsinkable Soul: 22 Inspiring Bounceback Stories and Reasons to Keep Going.”

In my work in personal development and self-study of the past 30 years, I have come to believe that the main cause of human emotional suffering comes from one thing:
The Meaning we choose to give to events

My 2017 Christmas Gifts to You

Gift #1: Inspirational Video to remind you of what this season is all about--love, appreciation
 and making people feel special.

Take 3 minutes now out of the hustle and business of holiday preparations to click the link above and watch this inspiring video from Simple Truths about love and service, giving from the heart, and the ripple affect of demonstrating kindness. (Tissue may be needed)

As humans, we have this unconscious need to assign meaning to whatever is going on in order to create a sense of understanding, order, and rules to live by in order to know how to function and what decisions to make. We believe that if we can create some predictability of cause and effect, then we can feel more in control of situations and minimize threat of the unknown or unexpected that might threaten us. This is ultimately all in the attempt to keep us safe.

And the meaning we choose to give to events influences the way we FEEL about the event. But it is not the event that is causing the feeling, it is the meaning assigned.

Just like rain is neither good nor bad until we assign some meaning to it (a farmer in a drought will assign a different meaning to it than a bride planning an outdoor wedding), any event in our lives that creates emotional suffering is caused by the meaning of the event, not the event itself.

Events do not have any inherent meaning. There is no absolute TRUTH to whatever meaning we choose to assign to an event. Events can have consequences, but not meaning. We get the two confused.

The good news is, you are the one assigning the meaning to whatever event is causing you distress. Therefore, if you change your meaning, you can eliminate your suffering—and be Unsinkable!

I share more about this in my chapter of the book {An} Unsinkable Soul: 22 Bounceback Stories and Reasons to Keep Going and a simple but profound 5-step process that will immediately allow you to dissolve stress and negative emotions from the past, present and future.

If you'd like to watch a more detailed explanation about this from one of my mentors, Morty Lefkoe, click here to watch his TEDTalk video.

Merry Holidays, and a Prosperous, Healthy, Happy New Year!​